Math Apps

There are hundreds of new apps pushed onto the market every week. Rather than a list of "recommended apps", what teachers really need is robust criteria they can use to quickly and effectively evaluate apps to make decisions about what apps will best support the learning of their students.

The following App Review Template was used throughout the project. Please see sample reviews below.

Sample App Reviews

Math 3-5 App by EuroTalk Review

Park Math App Review

Numeracy Websites

These resources have been used in Alberta classrooms to engage students in mathematics and numeracy development activities.
Teacher participants reviewed the websites using criteria from the Website Review Template .

Sample Website Reviews





Cool Math Website Review

IXL Math Website Review

Math Cats Website Review

Ricks Math Website Review

Online Resources for Professional Learning

Ablenet University provides free online webinars about assistive technology products and application as well as special education curricular programs.

*These online resources are for information only. Users are responsible for evaluating the content and appropriate use of the information