The following content was originally presented as live webinars with teachers in the project and was re-purposed for sharing with all Alberta teachers.

#1: Making Home-School Numeracy Connections

This presentation describes the importance of making home-school connections to strengthen mathematics learning and numeracy development for all students.

#1: Making Home-School Connections for Students with Significant Disabilities

Download: Homeschoolconnection.pdf

#2: Making Literacy-Math Connections

This presentation highlights the research that identifies stories as an important way to enhance students' understanding of math concepts and includes criteria for selecting literature that will align with mathematical processes that students are learning.

math connections.JPG

Presentation #2: Making Literacy - Math Connections for Students with Significant Disabilities
Download: Literacymathconnection.pdf

#3: Real Life Math Connections

This presentation discusses the importance of connecting mathematics skills with real life experiences for students with significant disabilities in the classroom.
Research, effective practices, and classroom examples are included in this presentation.
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Presentation #3: Real Life Math Connections for Students with Significant Disabilities (9:14 minutes)
Download: Reallifemathconnection.pdf
Video: The Importance of creating opportunities for students to explore and
understand text.

#4: Five Terrific Numeracy Resources

This presentation highlights five resources that teachers can use in new and engaging ways.
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Presentation #4: Five Terrific Numeracy Resources for Engaging All Students (10:28 minutes)
Download the following item: Fiveterrificnumeracyresources.pdf

#5: Numeracy for All: A community of Practice for Junior/Senior High Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities

This presentation is the introduction for Junior and Senior high teachers. Click on the image below for a pdf of the session.

#6: Meaning-filled Activities

This presentation highlights the characteristics of meaning-filled activities to create tasks that will engage students and develop their mathematical understanding in engaging, purposeful activities. Click on the image below for a pdf of the webinar.